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“Mark is a great sounding board for anyone that wants to prosper. His style is supportive and flexible whilst being challenging. Mark has lots of business and life experience to share and goes out of his way for you. I have achieved some incredible personal and professional results in the last months since being coached and mentored by Mark”

Jon Reed, MD, Paddy & Scott’s Coffee Co.

“Mark has been a wonderful coach to me and his style of coaching has been invaluable to setting up my first business. His patient, relaxed, yet firm style (when I made excuses!) really made me realise what was holding me back from my true potential. Cannot recommend him highly enough – life changing.”

Nikki Thomas, Business Consultant & Coach, London

“Not only was coaching with Mark incredibly useful and productive, but very interesting and thought provoking too and I genuinely looked forward to our weekly sessions.  Through the change of outlook I now have as a by-product of the coaching sessions with Mark, I feel I will be able to achieve future goals with less stress and greater enjoyment.”

Vicki Walker, Entrepreneur & Volunteer Worker, Manchester

“Mark is a brilliant coach.”

Cleo McLaren, Lawyer & Coach, London

“Mark has a fantastic ability to help you figure out what matters to you the most. His business experience as well as his obvious passion for helping people ensured our talks were valuable and that I came out of them more confident than ever. He has given me fantastic tips on how to handle difficult situations and helped me trust myself more”

Alex T, Customer Relationship Manager, London

“My coaching with Mark has been invaluable. My confidence has increased enormously and I have had several ‘lightbulb moments’. Mark’s obvious passion for helping other people was a key driver in my decision to engage him as my coach. Mark is professional, personable & very adept at managing topics of a sensitive nature with empathy & care. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark as a coach to anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves.”

Michelle Gardner, IT Professional, Swindon

“Mark, I could not let this year pass without thanking you once again for the massive impact your mentoring had on me and my family. The last 3 months have been life changing and that is down to you. God bless you.”

Sue H., Norfolk

“As a result of working with Mark, I am setting up a new business venture, have started a course in coaching, CBT and NLP and have started pitching for clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark as a life/executive coach to anyone.”

Tony Smith, Senior University Lecturer, Sheffield

“I learnt how to clearly define my goals and set up the steps that moved me towards my dream. It was a demanding, but very enriching time. I can absolutely recommend Mark’s coaching to anyone who wants to make changes in their life and/or achieve the goals that might seem too big. Mark will show you the way to make the seemingly impossible possible.”

Anna K, Office Manager, London

“I quickly relaxed and was able to make progress. I overcame some personal issues. His questions have made me look at things in a different way and I now have more belief than before. I would have no hesitation in the future returning to Mark for more coaching.”

Nick Reilly, Landscape Gardener, London