Caner Veli is an action taker. His passion and pursuit of a work that serves the greater good has served him well, as well as others. “I’ve always challenged systems and processes with ‘why’? Why things are done a certain way.” After dropping out of university, Caner’s entrepreneurial curiosity and drive for success led to him being approached by Dragon’s Den in 2016. He prepared meticulously and received one of the largest investments given by the Dragons, in this case Touker Suleyman, as well as a standing ovation. His must see episode (easily found on You Tube) involved him standing in a paddling pool of water in a suit whilst pouring red wine all over himself, to promote the eco-friendly Liquiproof – his then business. After later successfully exiting that business, and always with a passion for the environment and sustainability, Caner has since gone on to form Kind Community – a movement and service that helps brands and citizens to put sustainability at the heart of what they do in a way that is both authentic and impactful. “It’s very hard for some businesses to pivot away from their traditionally profitable and often non-eco friendly models to something new and more sustainable. We help them do this.” It’s a very accessible community that’s growing fast. Whether you’re a conscious consumer or a conscious brand; “All are welcome”, says Caner. “We are simply a community of good people doing amazing things; making the sustainable attainable. Tune in to this eco-friendly and sustainable episode for more.

Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks – all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!