Three time author and uber-experienced HR Specialist Debra Corey is a rebel with a big heart. Recently named in the Top 100 Employee Engagement Influencers, Debra’s career spans 20+ years in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Debra recently co-authored the Rebel Playbook For Employee Engagement with Reward Gateway CEO, Glen Elliott. “I’m in the 3rd curve of my career; my rebellious curve; my ‘pay it forward’ curve” she asserts. Debra talks about something called ‘the engagement bridge’ that leaders and managers need to cross. “Many leaders don’t understand the implications of their actions. 70-80% of managers are promoted because of their technical skills and are not prepared for management.We need to equip them, help them”. Having moved from the US to the UK – “my 2nd curve” – Debra talks about the contrasting leadership styles between the 2 countries. “It’s more in your face in the US than in the UK, although it is changing”. For those interested in leadership, management and employee engagement, this episode is a masterclass. Debra opens up her pandora’s box of wisdom and tips for aspiring leaders; “We need to talk more about ‘job design’. Many people are forced into management because it’s the only to get more money”. You are invited to join the revolution and learn Debra’s top 3 tips for leading and engaging.

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