After growing up in a family of scouts, Stephen Brown has always had a passion for the outdoors. He spent his early years working as a Kayak Instructor for various adventure tour companies before taking the brave step to go out on his own. After one false start, Stephen decided to boost his confidence by attending his first fire walk; “You never forget your first fire walk experience”. So profound was the experience, Stephen then qualified as a Master Fire Walk Instructor and was soon running his own events. He created Firewalking Ireland and Firewalking International. Firewalking has taken him as far as Bali and The Sahara and launched him into the world of personal development. “I love the depth work of getting people outside their comfort zone and experiencing new things”. Stephen has a wonderful calmness and depth about him that engenders trust. It is one such quality that lends well to his co-career as a Practioner of Compassionate Enquiry. Under the expert tutelage of Gabor Mate (“In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts” & “When The Body Says No”), Stephen helps people overcome addictions and other issues resulting from a childhood trauma. Noble work from a noble human. Just like Stephen’s own purpose, this episode is enlightening, enriching, educational and helpful on every level. You are invited to put on your headphones and step across the hot coals!

Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks – all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!