“I’ve always been interested in how people do work rather than the official descriptions of what people do”. So says Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. After moving to Silicon Valley in the late 90’s and working as a futurist and forecaster for several venerable think tanks, Alex has managed to create a 2nd co-career as a writer. The author of 3 books; The Distraction Addiction, Rest and the latest; Shorter. Shorter deals with how organisations and companies can re-design their workdays to allow more rest into the lives of their people without reducing productivity. As founder of Strategy & Rest, Alex has always been interested in creativity and how people gain insights and new ideas. He is keen to illuminate the role that downtime, leisure time can play in this. He examines activities that ‘don’t look like work’ and are ’seemingly unimportant’ and seeks to prove this is not true! Creating space for rest, for hobbies, for “deep play” can foster the creative process. “We need to pay attention to this stuff”, he asserts. Alex cites the proven and documented stories of Darwin, Beethoven and Ernest Hemingway and the role downtime played in their creative genius. The latest book also deals with busy professionals who are in 24/7, “always on” industries and how reducing their ‘work’ hours can actually improve productivity. In this fascinating and insightful and up to date episode, we cover the effects of Covid-19, 4 Day Weeks and technology. Alex further cites William Gibson; “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet” and adds; “The 4 Day Week is already here. It’s just buried under a pile of rubble of outdated thinking. You just have to grab it”. Tune in to here the future of work!

Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks – all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!