After only just surviving an horrific car fire in 1970, at the tender age of 18, James Partridge describes his journey through life and the affects of growing up with facial disfigurement. Now a two time author and social entrepreneur, James puts an enormous amount of time and energy into helping others, who have also suffered similar disfigurements. “It took me 5 years to adjust to a new reality. (The accident) completely changed my life. I was a Guernsey dairy farmer when the first book came out. Social entrepreneurship didn’t really exist back then” James describes his latest book; Face It, as ‘part memoir, part self help manual, part manifesto for change’. James cause is not helped by how Hollywood often portrays people with facial imperfections as unfriendly villains (think James Bond), as well as some of the myths surrounding plastic surgery. In this incredibly honest and vulnerable podcast, we cover the stigma and prejudices of growing up with facial imperfections, and also James’s own self-imposed prejudices and limiting beliefs about what was attainable from life. James set up the charity, Changing Faces in the early nineties, to help others deal with the psycho-social challenges of navigating life with a facial imperfection. “Facism,” as James calls it is also dealt with in the 2nd part of James’s latest book. “People need help to deal with themselves, and to deal with the rest of the world.” This podcast is a profound invitation to learn, to liberate oneself of and adopt facial equality.

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