Delilah Sullivan has a gift. It is a gift that allows her to channel energy from both spirit and land. And the earth is absolutely calling her right now. “It’s about having a two way conversation with the energy, a deeper way of listening and communicating, it’s powerful. Delilah reveals how her past work was human led, whereas now it’s the bigger picture in nature. “It was sparked by the trees. The trees are in crisis. We risk reaching a tipping point where we lose all the trees because they’re all interconnected. So the fires on the other side of the planet will affect the trees in our back garden. They’re all one and they’re all linked.” Delilah believes it’s possible to reverse this by helping trees to grow and heal and appreciating them more. “Rather than planting 100,000 trees, it’s about getting 100,000 people to appreciate and wish to plant just one tree” she offers. Delilah emphasises that it’s the energy behind something that is most important. It’s the intention which carries everything; “It’s how we approach the world and ourselves and how we communicate and our intention behind it” Delilah talks about creating a heart centred life and doing whatever you have to do to keep your heart open, as a way to shape your life; “Any answer that comes from the head is not the truth. It’s useful and needs to be incorporated, not dismissed but my work is encouraging us to become more heart-centered, more grounded. That’s a very different experience of the same reality” Delilah encourages and invites us to create our actions from within, to be in the body rather than the head, to feel and go with our instincts. I invite you to get connected and aware by tuning in to this powerful podcast.

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