In 2018, CEO & Author, Andrew Barnes boarded a plane from his home in New Zealand, armed with just a laptop, some papers and a copy of The Economist. He was the most dangerous man on the plane yet, when he arrived at his final destination of London, he was not arrested and walked effortlessly through security. He had fired an email to his HR Director (who promptly deleted it, thinking it was a joke!) and what happened next transformed his working life, transformed his business (Perpetual Guardian), the lives of his employees and is now starting to change the world of work. “You only get one chance to change the world and this is mine” he smiles. Already being talked about and adopted by businesses in 83 countries (the Russian government have added it to their policy manifesto), it will be interesting to see, post Covid-19, how many more businesses adopt his 100-80-100 model, as we move into a brave new world. Inspired and shocked by an article in The Economist that revealed that the average worker in the UK is only productive for 3 hours a day. It’s 2.5 in Canada, Andrew decided to immediately put this to the test his own business, starting with his own board. “Just because someone shows up and sits in an office from 9-5, actually they’re not necessarily delivering you anything in return. Commute, coffee, emails, surfing the internet… and then you get down to work…and then someone taps you on the shoulder”. On average you get disturbed once every 11 minutes and it take you 22 minutes to get back to full productivity. Andrew explains 100-80-100. “We will pay you 100% of your salary of 80% of the time spent at work, on the condition that we still get 100% of the output”. Sound crazy? Think again. Despite the mischievous, attention grabbing title of his new book; “The 4 Day Week”, this is not really about three day weekends or improving culture and balance for people – albeit these are amazing outcomes. This is about improved productivity and a happier workforce. In Andrew’s company’s case, productivity went up 25%, revenues went up and profits went up and staff retention went through the roof. The first objection Andrew often gets is “but that won’t work in my industry because…”. Andrew has an answer for you. Prepare to hear him out and have your perspective changed in this world changing podcast.

Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks – all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!