Kapil Gupta’s story is one of re-invention. He is a Transformation Coach and Founder of Nibana. “Nibana means liberation. To live in a prolonged moment of bliss,” says Kapil as he brings our attention to three main areas of life he believes we should be focussing on, practicing and learning; 1) Sensuality/Sexuality, 2) Material, 3) Values/Morals/Integrity. “Both sexes have both masculine and feminine in them. My purpose is to bring more feminine to the world”, he announces. In this deep and spiritual podcast Kapil explores what it means to be a man in a world where women matter. Kapil believes that both men and women have been conditioned when it comes to sexuality and intimacy. “When women own their sexuality and become empowered , many men do not know how to deal with that,” he proffers. Kapil works with men and couples to help them with connection and intimacy. After growing up in India, Kapil sees his life as having been split into two parts; “there was the traditional part – degree, career, marriage, money. And then the re-invention which has brought him to a deeper, more existential life. “No one trains you on how to be in a relationship. I realised I didn’t even know myself or how to show to up with others.” Losing his father in 2002 was a pivotal moment. Suddenly aware of his own mortality, Kapil started to ask himself some of life’s bigger questions. Now he asking others the same. Kapil’s lens on life is a fascinating one for those ready to explore life in a different way.

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