Troy Townsend has always lived and breathed football. Today he is notable for being Head of Development for Kick It Out, a high profile not for profit organisation with the sole aim to kick racism and discrimination out of football. He is also Sports Columnist for The Voice newspaper and MD of his very own Towno10 Productions. His professional football journey started when he joined Millwall, followed by Crystal Palace. Being released twice at an early age however, had a lasting and damaging impact on Troy’s mental health. After being put on a pedestal by his peers early in life, he spent a number of years not knowing where he was going in life. He started to mix with the wrong crowd; “I didn’t like myself as a person” and a first seminal moment involving a fight and a firearm spurred him to change path. “I realised if I wasn’t going to change then things were not going to pan out the way I wanted.” He went back into football as a coach and found a new calling – to support & help people who, like himself, had a vision & a belief but who struggled in terms of family background. He helped shape a football academy and became a father figure to many young aspiring footballers. Success followed with several non-league teams, including a memorable FA Cup run. Football also brought tragedy however, when Troy lost his 18 year old son Curtis in a car crash. This interview is the first time Troy has spoken publicly in an interview about this and unbelievably, neither Troy nor the interviewer knew of one another’s tragedy prior to this interview. Witness this raw emotional moment shared live on air. A dark period followed and rebuilding his life afresh, troy found purpose in challenging all aspects of discrimination in and around the game he loves so much. We tackle the big issues head on, including events surrounding the England national team’s recent match in Bulgaria, Rainbow Laces and a father’s natural pride in watching his son Andros Townsend play for Crystal Palace & England. “The Kick It Out generation is born from young voices. It’s time to provide them with a platform…” This podcast is proud to be part of that platform.

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