Bernard O’Neill describes himself as ‘a simple Irish person’. He is being modest. A successful entrepreneur and ‘productivity mentor’, Bernard is an expert at enabling businesses to put the right people into the right places at the right times. It’s a skilful process which helps businesses simultaneously boost revenues and cut costs at the same time. All of which makes him very much in demand. Not content with being the CEO of Productivity Mentors, Bernard also co-operates Old Spot Pub Company where he puts his theory into practice and stays close to the action. Based in Dublin, his widespread portfolio of work sees him travelling a lot. Family, is however a priority and he is rarely away for more than a couple days at a time. Having arrived late to parenthood, Bernard declares his children as his proudest achievement bar none. Bernard’s natural enthusiasm for people and life means that he very self-motivated. Work and personal life blur into one and you can tell he genuinely enjoys what he does. “I get unbelievably excited getting up every morning wondering who I will talk to. It’s all about what can we achieve in a day”. For Bernard, the answer is a lot! We talk people, books, family, health and business in this insightful and revealing podcast from someone who has ‘been there done it’ and continues to inspire others to fulfil their passions.

Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks – all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!