The tables were turned for my first guest, supersonic podcast king Mark McCulloch AKA Mark McC – THE Food and Drink Marketer. Mark sat on the other side of the mic for a change as we talked about his 3 great loves; Food & Drink, Marketing & Music. Mark opens up on his Glasgow roots, the current UK restaurant scene, social media, mental health, Brighton and his musical heroes. Mark’s pedigree and trajectory is impressive; from early days at under the tutelage and influence of Martha Lane Fox and Robert Bean, via Pret A Manager, Yo! Sushi and Barclaycard, he was always destined for big things. A wonderfully engaging speaker, conference host and interviewer in his own right, Mark knows his stuff. Always with his finger on the pulse, whether in marketing, digital/social or music, Mark has a wonderful humility about him that belies his rockstar status. Perhaps his grandfather, Hubert’s wise words offer a clue as to why: “No one’s better than you and you’re better than no one. That’s always stayed with me” . Some wonderful nuggets in here as we get a rare glimpse of the man behind the marketing. Supersonic stuff!

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