In the poor and tough streets of Odessa, Ukraine, with nothing much for entertainment, street fighting is just “what you did” as a young male. After getting repeatedly picked on and beaten up by his older cousin, Artur, aged 12, joined the local gym and trained every day for 3 years. Once a day soon became twice a day and has been ever since. Today Artur is the World Welterweight Kick Boxing Champion and nobody picks on him anymore. His fight record at the time of recording is an impressive 92 fights and 87 wins. He has only lost 3 competitive fights since 2010. Brought up alone by his mother, Artur won his first championship gold medal at 16. More fights, more wins, more knock outs (KO’s) followed and then one famous night in Japan in 2006, Artur fought (and won!) three fights in one night. This incredible K1 Max victory in front of 20,000 screaming fans really launched him onto the international Kick Boxing and Muy Thai scene. Artur’s initial motivations to survive became financial as he longed for a better quality of life for himself and his family. With an eye firmly on the future, Artur, now aged 33, has settled in Barcelona, after a brief stint in the Netherlands, and has his own gym by the beach to the north of the city where he trains his own young team. It’s a team which has already produced one world champion. Although still fighting, it’s more about legacy now. “It’s my business, my hobby, my life”, he says proudly. We talk KO’s, mindset, discipline and determination in this knock out podcast.

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