From primary school teacher to comedian, Jen Wakefield is funny, talented and uses some great words. “I have a love/hate relationship with the word ‘urban’”, she says as she slips easily into her comedy patter. There is a depth to Jen’s work and her humour is an excellent foil for challenging some deep seated societal stereotypes and issues. She is passionate about representation, something she mentions a lot. Her first character, ‘Natasha G Stormflex’ – a grime artist on mission to bring grime to The Cheltenham Women’s Institute (can you imagine…) gained her some initial micro-celebrity. She has appeared at Edinburgh Fringe and on BBC Asian Network Showcase. Music is central to Jen’s work. Her ‘WhatsApp Song’ a brilliantly hilarious 3 minute beatbox rap about a Hen Party WhatsApp Group highlights some of the home truths and behaviours that we will all recognise in others and ourselves. Initially inspired by sketch comedy and MTV, Jen describes herself as Anglo-Indian. She talks about her ‘brown side’ and her ‘white side’ and how she uses her experience of growing up with both to expose some uncomfortable truths that still permeate our society’s attitude to race. She is also making a stand against what she sees as a lot of middle classness in the world of comedy. Her latest collaboration and event, Speakerbox is currently performing regularly in London. If laughter is the best medicine, then this episode opens the cabinet on comedy, music, representation, “othering”, coaching and empowerment. After it all, Jen reveals she is still a teacher at heart. As well as being really funny, Jen Wakefield also is real. I think you’ll like her

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