After being born with no hip sockets and spending the first three years of her life lying on her back, Sally-Anne Wertheimer was crippled with arthritis by age 34. Written off by doctors and heading for a wheelchair, Sally-Anne took matters into her own hands and completely cured herself through nutrition. She has gone on to climb Kilimanjaro and now, aged 70, lives pain free and in the rudest of health. Sally-Anne now helps others achieve the same through her Oxfordshire-based clinic called Abolish Arthritis. In this uplifting and heart-warming interview, Sally-Anne pulls no punches as she explains how her grandmother fed her sweets as a child, which led to a sugar addiction and fuelled her arthritis. Sally-Anne tells of the one doctor who gave her hope and a piece of paper, upon which lay a set of instructions, which were to become her salvation. After a mere three years, her arthritis had disappeared completely. That was thirty years ago and she has lived pain free ever since. Sally-Anne talks emotionally about how both her faith and the unwavering support of her three sons got her through the tough times. We cover juicing, ‘alkalising the body’, water and wheatgrass.“There is no need to suffer”, says Sally-Anne.  If you suffer from any kind of arthritic condition or know someone who does, this episode is a must listen.

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