In this episode we are joined by successful entrepreneur, restaurateur and former refugee, Edin Basic. After fleeing the war in Bosnia in 1992, Edin arrived at Heathrow with no more than a bag and the shoes he was wearing. Edin charts his remarkable journey from asylum-seeker to building and successfully selling his own pizza delivery business to Pizza Express in 2016. Now an investor, Edin recently bought his local pub, The Red Lion, in Ealing, West London and is busy turning it into a music venue. Edin is someone who thinks big. This fascinating and deep interview takes in everything from family, buddhism and solving Africa’s water crisis to the future of humanity and the perception of refugees in Europe – a cause close to Edin’s heart. Edin’s story is one of hardship, drive, hard work and self-reliance. Told with a touch of humour and wonderful humility, Edin calls himself a world citizen and wants to challenge perceptions around immigration. The epitome of “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to what happens,” Edin’s story is truly inspiring. Time to sit back, relax and let Edin tell it in his own words.

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